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How To Increase Your Credit Scores Within The Next 30 Days ?
What this FREE E-book will teach you?
How to increase your credit score by 30 points or more within 30 days!
The 5 Most Important Tips:
  • How is your credit score calculated
  • How your credit cards use improves credit scores 
  • How your rent helps to increase credit scores
  • How to rebuild and increase credit scores after a bankruptcy
  • Best credit cards and credit apps - no hard inquiries
What You Need to Know About Your Credit Scores
US News
June 16, 2023, at 5:37 p.m.
By Casey Bond - Edited by Emily Hayes
Reviewed by Mark Evitt 
Understand how your credit score works to avoid costly mistakes.
Do you know your credit score? If you don't, you are not alone: Roughly 54% of Americans never check their score, according to 2020 research by Javelin that was sponsored by TransUnion.
The world of credit scores can be confusing and fraught with misinformation. Sometimes, what you assume will be good for your credit can actually lower your score – and vice versa. It might feel better to ignore your score completely.
However, taking the time to understand how credit scores work is crucial if you want a strong score. The good news is that a strong score can save you serious money over time.
Whether you want to borrow money, open a utility account or rent an apartment, you're asking an entity to trust in your ability to pay your bills on time. Lenders and landlords can't call up every one of your credit card issuers since sophomore year and ask whether you're good with money. Instead, they're going to pull your credit score.
If your entire financial life could be boiled down to one number, it would be your credit score. It's a three-digit figure that represents your history of borrowing and paying back money. The higher the score, the more trustworthy you're considered to be by creditors.
Know Your Credit Scores Before You Go
  • House Shopping : Mortgage lenders require certain FICO scores when qualifying you for a mortgage.  Do you have the required credit scores an approval?
  • Car Shopping:  A+ car lenders require a certain credit score for financing.  If you have a lower credit score you will be paired with a subprime lender with a high interest rate.  Do you know your credit scores?
  • Credit Card Shopping: A+ credit cards offer 0% intro interest rates and other great terms. Subprime credit cards give you a high interest rate or require a deposit before issuing you a credit card.  Do you know your credit scores?
  • Apartment Shopping: Don't be denied an apartment! Apartment complexes require a certain credit score to approve you for an apartment. Do you know your credit scores?

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